Candidate Cloud’s Contact Messaging Services let your organization deliver persuasive and informative messages to your stakeholders’ mailboxes, inboxes, and social media accounts.


Candidate Cloud provides your organization with social media and broadcast communication capabilities without leaving the Engagement Software Platform. Increase fundraising and membership through automatically tailored and scheduled messages to your organization’s most important supporters.

Organizations can manage their Candidate Cloud Contact Messaging Services directly from their engagement platform or have our campaign and social media experts design and manage your contact services on your behalf. From identifying potential supporters and growing a multi-platform social media presence, to developing content and engaging mail houses, the Candidate Cloud team has the experience to deliver effective and innovative messaging campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns

A pillar of the modern political and advocacy campaign, broadcast messages, shape the conversation and cultivate supporters across a variety of social media platforms. Candidate Cloud’s social media team can enhance your organization’s social media presence, activate supporters, and yield important insights.

Bulk SMS/Text Messaging

Connect with potential supporters on their mobile phones directly from the Engagement Software platform. Work with Candidate Cloud’s campaign team to deploy this powerful tool appropriately and activate your strongest supporters.

Mass Emailing

Broadcast emails to targeted individuals, and track results and recipients actions with deep links. Candidate Cloud mass emailing service allows organizations and their regional associations to target potential supporters and activate existing ones. Using predictive analytics, better understand who your supporters want to hear from, the best time to reach out, and what matters most to them.

Direct & Bulk Mail

Bulk mail is the delivery of unaddressed mail to all households in a given city, neighbourhood, constituency or postal delivery route. Direct mail is personally addressed letters to known contacts, which is especially useful for persuading potential supporters and soliciting memberships and donations from known ones.