Candidate Cloud Strategic Services bring together leading technology, big data and political and public policy experience to design and deliver effective programs, policies and campaigns.


Candidate Cloud Strategic Services begin with the philosophy that an organization’s data is key to more successful campaigns and better policies and programs. Our experts help your organization build its actionable intelligence and utilize it before, during and after the campaign or policy process. By doing so, your organization can more efficiently and effectively Identify, Engage, and Activate supporters.

Strategic Services are powered by data and informed by our team’s experience on municipal, provincial and federal campaigns, as well as from their time as political staffers and public servants. Our experts design and undertake innovative research programs to inform the development of policy positions, campaign materials and complete campaign plans. We have the experience, knowledge and, most importantly, the actionable intelligence to design effective and persuasive campaign plans.

Campaign Plan Development

With the help of Candidate Cloud’s expert campaigners, Candidate Cloud can design and implement a comprehensive campaign plan based on an organization’s data and intelligence. Plans can be designed for a complete campaign or for specific functions of a campaign such as digital and social media, and direct voter contact.

Campaign and Media Training

Having been a part of campaigns at every level of government, our campaign team can provide campaign and media training for your candidates, staff and volunteers. Candidate Cloud is able to offer personalized one-on-one training sessions or can host campaign colleges for your entire organization.

Policy Development

Candidate Cloud’s public policy team is available to provide guidance and development services for government policy, program and cabinet documents. Our experts are ideally positioned to develop policies and programing while assisting with your organization’s consultation or research efforts.

Script & Literature Development

The drafting of content and materials used in Direct Contact Services and Contact Messaging services, such as live calling scripts and backgrounders, direct mail letters, and bulk mail. With Script and Literature Development Services, Candidate Cloud’s team can help your organization undertake compelling research, identification, and persuasion efforts while tracking the performance of specific language, methods and topics.

Research & Analysis

Candidate Cloud Strategic Services provide organizations with the ability to perform confidential research and testing of messaging, platforms and ideas. Our data specialists can also be engaged to create custom analytical products and frameworks as well as regression studies for your organization.