Engage Stakeholders, Engage Success

Candidate Cloud ESP provides the engagement and outreach tools to connect with potential supporters. Integrated communication technologies allow organizations to send mass emails and SMS messages, manage their online and social presence, and launch grassroots canvassing efforts. With Candidate Cloud ESP, organizations can effectively engage and persuade potential supporters across multiple channels.


Candidate Cloud’s process is based upon a continuum of outreach and engagement activities. From determining who your stakeholders and supporters are to persuading them to take action, we believe that all data can and should inform and initiate your next engagement activity.


Candidate Cloud ESP provides access to powerful communication tools without the challenges or costs of managing multiple systems and services.

The Engagement Software Platform provides email management and SMS broadcast capabilities directly from the system. Tracking all communications in a coordinated manner enables organizations to manage, assess and improve its internal and external communications. Candidate Cloud’s communication management technology can help your organization get your message out there, and know where it’s working and where it’s not.

Communicate Features

Mail Merge Capabilities for Any Field

Send personalized and tailored communications

Performance Tracking

Learn the best time, sender and subject for your communication efforts

Deep Email Links

Watch emails turn into website traffic, memberships, donations and tickets

Responsive SMS Capabilities

Connect with supporters on their mobile devices


Phone and door canvasing are long-established, reliable and effective means of engaging with and persuading potential supporters. Capture important information easily and without delay with Candidate Cloud ESP’s door and phone canvassing management technologies

The Engagement Software Platform ‘s mobile door and phone canvassing tools lets you know more about potential supporters before you get to their door or reach them on the phone, and helps automatically record the interaction afterwards. For those that still prefer the clipboard, Candidate Cloud’s ESP generates walk and call lists with the same important information as well as barcodes to facilitate data entry. Candidate Cloud’s ESP can also be integrated with third party call centres to provide real-time results while maintaining the security and privacy of your data. When combined with Candidate Cloud’s ESP Predictive Analytics and Targeting, canvassing generates more identified supporters with less effort.

Canvass Features

Mobile Accessibility

Canvass and record results in real time from any mobile device

Mapping, custom turf cutting & geo tagging

Connect with the neighbourhoods and communities that matter most with poll level clustering and segmentation

Targeted List Generation

Generate walk and call lists based on Support Scores and past responses

Barcode-enabled walk & call lists

Capture responses quickly and accurately

Third party call centre integration

Ensure privacy and security of your data with direct integration to third party providers

Live Tracking & Results

Responses and results are captured and updated in real time


An organization’s online and social media presence has become a critical element of their engagement efforts and goals. Candidate Cloud’s ESP connects an organization’s social media and online presence with its other supporter tracking and engagement activities.

With the Engagement Software Platform, organizations can host and manage their website and social media accounts without leaving the system or the need of another supplier. By doing so, an organization can easily manage website content and social media posts with seamless integration with other engagement activities and predictive analytics. Track supporters, identify opposing stakeholders, test messaging and turn your organization’s website and social media program into the engagement tool it’s supposed to be.

Web & Social Features

Manage website content

Manage your organization’s website directly from the platform

Social media and web analytics

Track the performance of your online presence

Affiliated and Regional Websites

Automatically create connected and consistent websites that your affiliates can manage themselves

Integrated social media profiles

Connect contacts with their social media profiles