Candidate Cloud Direct Contact Services help your organization reach out to supporters and stakeholders using live calling, interactive voice response (IVR) calling, telephone and digital town halls, and door and street canvassing services.


Candidate Cloud Direct Contact Services are deployed using each organization’s predictive analytics to connect with supporters in the most efficient and effective means possible. Integration with volunteer and third party efforts allows contact records and campaign performance are updated in real time. To maximize success, organizations can utilize this intelligence to modify calling lists, scripts, or questions already in the field as well as trigger automatic follow ups.

As with other Candidate Cloud services, organizations can deploy Direct Contact Services in a self-directed manner and launch canvassing, calling and town halls. Alternatively, organizations can work with our campaign experts to design and implement your Direct Contact Services campaign, or have Candidate Cloud manage your engagement campaign from start to finish.

Live Calling

Customized surveys delivered by live agents over the phone to a targeted or random group of individuals. Candidate Cloud live calling services are constantly utilizing and enhancing an organization’s engagement intelligence thereby calling smarter and maximizing your organization’s return on investment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Also known as Interactive Voice Based Messaging (IVBM), is the delivery of a pre-recorded message or messages to a phone number followed by the ability for the listener to respond using their key pad. The Candidate Cloud IVR system allows organizations to launch broadcast messages and surveys without leaving their Candidate Cloud Platform, thereby protecting the security and privacy of the data.

Telephone Town Halls

A cross between a radio call in show and a conference call, telephone town halls allow many individuals to listen to a statement from a spokesperson or candidate over the phone, and to participate through voting and asking questions, to which the spokesperson or candidate can reply directly. Candidate Cloud telephone town halls allow organizations to dial individuals, screen participants and record responses directly from its engagement platform. Candidate Cloud’s campaign experts are also available to host your telephone town hall to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Digital Town Halls

Similar to telephone town halls, digital town halls provide individuals with a video and audio stream of a spokesperson, candidate or presentation through their web browser. By delivering the town hall through a web browser, individuals can be provided with more interactive means of participating. Candidate Cloud digital town halls provide the ability to test different messaging, and deliver tailored questions and experiences based on individuals’ support level or geographic.

Door & Street Canvassing

A supporter identification technique in which volunteers, staff or candidates engage in a face-to-face interaction at potential supporters’ private residences, or on the street or other public space. In addition to the platform’s mobile canvas technology, Candidate Cloud door and street canvassing services can be utilized to augment efforts by staff, volunteers, and candidates.