Candidate Cloud’s Web and Application Services ensure that the management and delivery of all internal and external engagement activities are tailored to an organization's structure, processes and goals.


With Candidate Cloud’s Engagement Software Platform (ESP) and Web and Application Services, organizations are provided website hosting services and management capabilities. The hosting of your website includes integrated payment processing so that your organization and its affiliates can securely and efficiently process donations, tickets, and membership sales. Our design team is also available to create stunning and interactive websites for your organization and any affiliates.

Additionally, our expert developers will work to ensure the engagement platform fits your organization’s structure and roles. We help customize an organization’s Engagement Software Platform to reflect its needs, goals, and even compliance rules. Our development team is also available to build customized web and mobile applications for specialized engagement activities and needs.

Custom Application Development

Candidate Cloud’s developers and technical experts can customize an organization’s engagement platform to fit their structure, goals and staff. To compliment an organization’s engagement platform, Candidate Cloud also offers customized web and mobile application development.

Website Design & Development

With Candidate Cloud Web and Application Services, organizations are provided with website hosting services to ensure their website is fully integrated with their engagement platform. As a result, organizations can update and manage content directly from their engagement platform. Our design experts and developers are also available to design powerful and interactive websites for the organization or a specific engagement campaign.

Payment Processing

The Candidate Cloud engagement platform provides for online credit card payment processing through your organization’s website. Our security and technical experts are also able to implement customized payment applications such as separate payment processing for affiliated or regional organizations.

Software Training

Candidate Cloud’s Web and Application Services provide customized print and video training materials for your organization’s needs. In person training sessions with our team of developers and campaign experts are also available.