Identify the Path to Engagement Success

Candidate Cloud ESP helps your organization accurately and efficiently identify supporters. Through advanced contact and list management technologies, all interactions with a potential supporter are accurately and automatically integrated into a single contact profile. By doing so, Candidate Cloud ESP enables organizations to assess and predict an individual’s level of support, and subsequently target them with persuasive or informative messaging.


Candidate Cloud’s process is based upon a continuum of outreach and engagement activities. From determining who your stakeholders and supporters are to persuading them to take action, we believe that all data can and should inform and initiate your next engagement activity.


As a result of past engagement activities, organizations can have significant and valuable information about potential supporters in multiple legacy systems. Candidate Cloud understands and appreciates the importance and value of effectively integrating this information into your current engagement activities.

Candidate Cloud ESP Advanced Source List Management utilizes proprietary Matching and De-duping Technologies built throughout the solution to ensure that all interactions with an individual, past and present, are recorded on their true contact record. Leveraging your legacy data and capturing new information quickly through a user-friendly interface ensures ongoing data integrity and usefulness of the platform. With Candidate Cloud ESP, organizations benefit from unique set up services for a smooth transition from your legacy system. Once set up, your organization can unleash the full power of your data.

Contact Database Features

Source List & Document Management

Import, export and archive important data while maintaining source list integrity

One Profile per Contact

All interactions are mapped to a single profile for each contact

Share Aggregated Insights between Lists

Overall predictive analytics driven by all available data

Embedded Data Matching & Merging

Merge multiple lists without creating duplicates

Secure List & Data Segmentation

Ensures the secure independence of various source lists

Custom User & Data Level Security

Customize what information and which people are visible to the various individuals within your organization


In addition to advanced contact management capabilities, Candidate Cloud helps answer your most fundamental question: will an individual support your organization, cause, project or candidate?

Candidate Cloud’s ESP provides organizations with advanced predictive analytics. The basis of Candidate Cloud analytics is the ESP Score which predicts the likelihood of an individual’s support based on previous interactions. The ESP Score is constantly calculating and reevaluating based on the timing, frequency, method and importance of a potential supporter’s interactions. This results in a clear and readable description of an individual’s support level as well as a confidence gauge indicating the precision of the ESP score. With Candidate Cloud ESP, organizations can better know their supporters and how best to interact with them.

Predictive Analytics Features

Centralized Analytics & Insights

Displayed directly on each contact and in comprehensive tracking reports

Customized Analytical Products

Develop predictive gauges for the goals of your organization

Real Time Updates

Predictive analytics update automatically with new responses and interactions

Support Scores and Confidence Gauges

Understand how likely an individual is to support you and your organization


Analytics and projections provide important sources of insight. With Candidate Cloud’s ESP, organizations can unlock the true value of those insights and act upon them.

The Engagement Software Platform’s Predictive Analytics turns information into actionable intelligence. Candidate Cloud ESP Targeting implements that intelligence through sophisticated targeting abilities. Organizations can target potential supporters based on a previous support response, interest in a particular issue, preferred contact method, geographic area, and even socioeconomic and demographic data. By doing so, organizations can increase the effectiveness of their engagement activities and decrease the cost per successfully identified supporter.

Advanced Targeting Features

Micro Targeting

Contact individuals based on their preference or interest regarding a specific topic or issue using historical data and predictive analytics

Response Targeting

Connect with individuals based on past responses and preferred communication methods

Real-time Targeting

Automated communications triggered when an interaction is recorded

Geographic & Demographic Targeting

Provide tailored messaging based on an individual’s characteristics