Candidate Cloud’s ESP is a customizable enterprise-grade information system that empowers our clients to Identify, Engage and Activate their supporters and stakeholders.


Candidate Cloud’s process is based upon a continuum of outreach and engagement activities. From determining who your stakeholders and supporters are to persuading them to take action, we believe that all data can and should inform and initiate your next engagement activity.

Our Software

With Candidate Cloud's Engagement Software Platform, predictive analytics are continually reinterpreting existing data and assumptions, evaluating engagement methods, and ultimately predicting and contributing to success. By recording each interaction and response, ESP’s predictive analytics become more advanced and precise. Through sustained use over time, your organization’s platform transforms from a technological tool to an intelligence asset.

The Engagement Software Platform has been purpose built using a proprietary combination of best in breed services so that individuals are not required use external systems or software. By creating a single and centralized repository for all of an organization’s data, deep institutional memory is both stored and utilized. As the Engagement Software Platform is delivered through a Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) model, organizations are able to utilize a customizable long-term asset without the need to acquire and maintain expensive physical infrastructure or multiple external systems.


Candidate Cloud’s Engagement Software Platform (ESP) is a fully customizable, enterprise-grade cloud technology that enables our clients to engage in meaningful and insightful interactions with their stakeholders and supporters. ESP's purpose-built engagement architecture allows for a seamless flow of information across multiple communication platforms and a single source of institutional memory designed to empower successful campaigns and long term growth of an organization or movement.


Predictive analytics and proprietary source list management technology target and identify your most likely supporters.


Customized and integrated outreach tools and services to connect with supporters and build intelligence.


Donation, volunteer and membership management technology to turnout the strongest supporters when it matters most.



Candidate Cloud’s ESP empowers volunteers with powerful tools without compromising the security of the organization and its data. Candidate Cloud has created easy to use MicroSites to allow approved volunteers to contribute to the organization’s platform without the ability to view, change or remove important data.


Effectively communicating with your internal or campaign staff and volunteers is critical to a successful campaign. Candidate Cloud’s ESP provides a secure and private internal communication platform without the need for personal emails or social media accounts.


Each organization has its own unique set of strengths, challenges, rules and resources. Candidate Cloud ESP is tailored to an organization’s needs without expensive and time-consuming internal build or third party integration work.


Candidate Cloud’s ESP has been specifically designed with scale in mind since most engagement activities are intended to directly or indirectly grow an organization. The Engagement Software Platform was created to support organizations with periods of great demand change, like a campaign, and complex organizational structures.

Secure & Reliable

Candidate Cloud’s ESP has been built using a proprietary combination of best of breed services with the goal of providing a single secure and reliable system for all of an organization’s engagement needs. The Engagement Software Platform is based on the same enterprise-grade security used by TSX:60 and Fortune 500 companies ensuring the security and privacy of your organization’s and supporter’s information.