Activate Support to Achieve Engagement Goals

Candidate Cloud’s ESP has been designed to accomplish a fundamental goal, for a supporter to take action. Once a supporter has been identified and engaged, organizations need to persuade that individual to demonstrate their support and take action, whether it be voting, becoming a member, donating or advocating for the organization. With the Engagement Software Platform, organizations have the power to motivate, host, and cultivate supporter participation.


Candidate Cloud’s process is based upon a continuum of outreach and engagement activities. From determining who your stakeholders and supporters are to persuading them to take action, we believe that all data can and should inform and initiate your next engagement activity.


Candidate Cloud’s ESP provides the tools to support and manage your organization’s volunteers, members and events.With the Engagement Software Platform, organizations can keep their strongest supporters engaged and motivated even between campaigns or events.

Candidate Cloud knows that volunteers and members are the backbone of many organizations. Candidate Cloud's ESP helps organizations deliver personalized support through member profiles, communication history, recommend follow ups and personalized outreach all integrate across the platform with contact profiles. Empower and grow your team by recruiting, managing, and tracking volunteers as well as their activity, roles and tasks. Identify and sign up new members, and engage and motivate existing members in support of your organization.

At Candidate Cloud, events are more than social gatherings. They are opportunities for brand communications, grassroots engagement and motivation, disseminating key messages and raising funds to advance your goals. With the Engagement Software Platform, organizations can coordinate staff and event details, advertise and broadcast the event, collect payments and issue tickets through a single system.

Community Features

Membership Support and Lead Generation

Track, target and manage members as well as create customizable member tailored products and materials

Event Management and Promotion

Manage workflow, track performance and advertise events directly from the platform

Integrated Donor and Member Management

Fundraising, membership and volunteer activity are directly integrated with a contact’s profile

Secure Payment and Ticket Processing

Automated payment processing, and ticket and material generation

Volunteer Management and Tracking

Dynamic Volunteer Profiles with tracking, tasking and role preferences

Digital Event Engagement

Surveys, live voting and other audience participation captured directly into the platform


For many organizations, the end goal of their engagement activities is activating their supporters on a final day, be it Election Day, a rally, a consultation process or review hearing. Candidate Cloud’s ESP facilitates the complex and demanding task of contacting and organizing as many supporters as possible on a single day. The platform’s predictive analytics, response tracking and broadcast communications helps your organization efficiently target, contact, and activate your known and probable supporters.

To ensure no effort or time is wasted, the Engagement Software Platform includes mobile scrutineer technology to support your organization’s scrutineers. By allowing authorized volunteers to enter vote data into the platform at the polling locations in real time, there is no more need for volunteers racing between poling locations and your campaign headquarters.

Advocate Features

Mobile Scrutineer App

Mobile capability allows your team to track votes right from the polling station

Organize and Mobilize

Coordinate your grassroots efforts with volunteer management capabilities and an internal social network

Comprehensive GOTV Support

Analytics and communication tools built to support E-Day operations

Target and Activate Supporters

Predictive analytics help your organization efficiently and effectively motivate supporters to act


Without funds you are not able to advance your ideas. Without funds you are not able to communicate effectively or build your movement. The nature of political and non-profit fundraising has changed. Large donor fatigue and new rules related to contribution limits have required political and non-profit organizations to switch focus from relatively few large donations to many small donations from a range of donors. The organizations that have succeeded in this transition have been able to do so through regional, demographic and issue based targeting. To do so effectively, organizations need to leverage the technology at their disposal.

With Candidate Cloud’s ESP organizations can increase fundraising performance through donor tracking and predictive donor analytics and lead generation technologies, as well as securely process payments and issue any related tax receipts. By assessing and predicting how a potential donor likes to be contacted and who within the organization is best to do so, the Engagement Software Platform ensures your fundraising activities are as efficient and effective as possible. In short, Candidate Cloud can help you raise more money, for less. We bring decades of on-the-ground experience in political fundraising and put it in a cloud based tool to help you ensure compliance and achieve success.

Transact Features

Fundraising management

Follow up with donors, manage fundraising activities, and track performance

Predictive donor tracking & acquisition

Improve fundraising efforts with advanced targeting and tracking

Affiliate accounts and management

Securely raise, manage and transfer funds for affiliate or regional organizations

Contribution limits tracking

Ensuring compliance with customized alerts based on the donation and tax credit rules of your jurisdiction

Custom secure payment processing

Supports donations, membership fee and ticket sale processing and invoicing

Automated tax receipt issuance

Save time and reduce risk with automated tax receipt generation